how authentic I am?

Authenticity – a complex issue. How and where to start? To whom and what I can be authentic? To myself, to others, to my partner, …. the list is endless. But even if there are many possibilities authenticity always starts at ourselves and how authentic we are to our 3 components. The 3 questions help us to “verify” our own position. Give it a try. Think about an important issue for you and ask yourself the 3 questions. Your topic may be your work, your relationship or your general thoughts and actions.

So, take your subject and try the 3 TAR questions:

1. Question

Do I say what I think?

Eine zu große Komponenten THINK erschwert Authentizität

Wenn ich nicht sage was ich denke wird meine Komponenten THINK immer größer in english:

Because our brain constantly produces thoughts we are not talking of course about all express what we think. It’s about those thoughts that keep repeating and coming back. Sometimes at a greater distances, sometimes at shorter intervals.

These thoughts have a certain importance for us, otherwise they would not keep coming back. Exactly these thoughts I have to say, because the thought otherwise “sticks” in my head and stresses me.

It should also be noted that an idea which is important to me possibly does not exists at others head at all. It is my thought which keeps me busy.

So, what is your answer to the first question related to your topic?

Yes or no?


2. Question

Do I do what I say?

eine zu große Komponente ACT verhindert authentisch sein

Wenn ich nicht tue was ich sage, wird meine Komponente ACT immer größer

An outspoken thought is always the first step. Now your own action needs to follow. When we say things and we never do them, there are two possibilities: either it was not that important, or it is very important to us, but we do not somehow manage to implement it.

What is your answer here?

Yes or no?

Both answers contain valuable knowledge about ourselves.


3. Question

Do I want what I do?

Durch TAR® können wir unsere Authentizität steigern

sind die 3 Komponenten THINK, ACT und X ausgeglichen, sind wir authentisch

We are almost always busy doing something and we often don’t have the time to think about whether we really WANT what we do.

But for your own authenticity, it is very important that we answer this question ourselves honestly.

What is your answer here on your topic?

Yes or no?

By the way: If you have one or the other “NO” or a classic “MAYBE” as an answer, then feel free browse in my blog about TAR® and authenticity. There are some suggestions on how to increase authenticity.

By the way: The 3 TAR questions also works perfectly for groups and companies!