discover and increase the beauty of authenticity in your partnership

TAR® the methodology for authenticity

TAR® the methodology for authenticity

A methodology for authenticity? I would like to briefly explain what TAR® is all about and why I developed this methodology. Since I ventured into independence 25 years ago, I was always fascinated by the subject AUTHENTICITY and the associated positive impact on our private and business life. I believe that every person and every business is unique. To discover this and bring it to life is the greatest gift what you can make to yourself and to the world. If your are authentic to yourself and your 3 components, your are automatically also authentic to your partner, your colleagues, your employees, your customers, your business associates, your past and your future.

I am convinced, that authenticity is the key for more clarity, mindfulness, creativity, lightness and freedom. All together for more integrated success as an individual, as a couple, as a team or as a company.

The idea of the TAR® methodology is to support and accompany you during the process of increasing your authenticity to reach the above mentioned topics. And the funny thing is, that you don’t have to work on those topics themselves. They will automatically happen when you work on your authenticity.

follow your authenticity and the rest will follow – this is my personal firm opinion and TAR® is all about this.

Almost everybody I talk to has a challenging day-to-day life. We all need to combine our personal issues and aims with our family- friends- and business life. So we all have too little time to think (deeply) about ourselves – but if we want to really live our life without being other-directed, we should just start somewhere and not always postpone it. And this is one of the main reason I created TAR®! TAR® is highly assimilable in our private or business day-to-day life and combines different subjects in a very easy way to effectively and efficiently increase our authenticity. Most of my coachings starts easily with “let’s do a TAR®” and after 1-2 hours you have your starting point. That’s it. From there on, you decide how and when you want to go further. I think it is the best, if you see TAR® as a kind of constant compangion on your way.

The 3 simple steps of TAR®:

Step 1: STOP

We are normally totally captured by our daily private and working routine. STOP help us to see, where we are standing and why we are standing at that point. We get clarity of our own location and this is the base for the next step.


Based on the 3 components, we start to see the difference between our position at the moment and the position we really want to go. With new deep discoveries we get the right authentic motivation to move. Either if it is a personal issue or a new solution for a business topic. A new discovery is the base for a change…but even the best discovery gets lost, if we are not able to bring it into your private or business life. Therefore is the next step.

Step 3: GO

This is pure project management, based on our experience over the last 15 years in getting ideas from scratch out into the real world, like we did with our highspeed cameras. The difference to many other solutions is: GO is simple, agil and flexible and 100% integrable. It can be used as a single person up to execute and coordinate a group of 50+ persons. We have many companies, who use only TAR® GO to manage their projects.

The TAR® workbook

STOP needs mapping – DISCOVER needs freedom – GO needs structure. The beautiful designed TAR® workbook holds all your experiences in one place and give you the chance to go further whenever you feel to. It is created to accompany you for a lifetime based on the idea: Never loose a discovery! 

The TAR® workbook contains the basis version of all three steps. Special issues can be added to complete your way or to get your solution really done. The TAR® workbook grows with your needs – and if you, somewhere in the future, lay aside your TAR® workbook with a smile in your face…then the book did it’s perfect job and I am very happy as you don’t need the book anymore 🙂

the 3 components of TAR®

the 3 components of TAR®

Man is very complex without question. Everywhere is research in the world, why and how we humans react to this or that situation. There are always new and exciting insights that can help us to better understand ourselves and our thoughts and actions.

I personally think that we humans, despite the complexity, actually just need to listen to our 3 components to be authentic. These 3 components are: THINK, ACT and X and when we perceive these more and more we have the best conditions for authenticity. It makes no difference whether we consider our own 3 components or those of a department or company. It all can be traced back to the 3 components.

I want to explain the 3 components briefly here:

the component THINK:

The component THINK represents our THINK and our SPIRIT. So all things that take place in our heads or in our brain. How we think, what we think and why we think just either way.

Everything we have learned in our lives, our brain stores this “in the right place”, no matter whether we want it or not. From this information arise our thought patterns. And since everyone is different grown completely different datas are in this brain memory. That’s why we all have different opinions on a subject, and that is a good thing.

Authenticity in thinking arises when we discover and accept new ideas to our original thought pattern.

It does not matter whether a new idea is really new to us or rather a realization that not to think an old one anymore! Both generated movement which we can use for our authenticity. This will effect to someones that their component THINK will decrease and the others that the component THINK increases.

the component ACT:

Component ACT stands for our entire ACT, so everything what we do, everything what is going on in our bodies and what we do with our bodies and how we use our bodies. How do I handle in different situations and why I act just like that. How do I behave towards others and how I treat myself.

Again, each person acts differently based on the stored informations in the brain. One can speak easily in front of a crowd, the other gets into a sweat when he speaks with a single person.

Authenticity in action arises when we discover new patterns of behavior (oActs) and allow those. Each new behavior (OACT) always triggers a movement from within us and we can then decide whether the new should belong to us or not. Thus we change the size of our component ACT and get closer to the balance of our 3 components (and thus our authenticity).

the component X:

The third component X is everything, what we not always can clearly state, but also can not simply ignore such, for example intuition. One does not know exactly where it comes from but we have almost all been “intuitive” traded. Another example would be a kind of longing or inner desire which one can not be explained completely, but nevertheless is just there. The component X is therefore something that we can not clearly define.

The research now delivers highly interesting evidence that another energy is present in addition to our scale of thinking and acting patterns in us, what kind of  impacts on our lives. That’s X.

Designate X how you feel most comfortable with. Some people prefer the gut feeling, essence, soul or DNA while others like such as longing, love or heart more. No matter how you want to call it, it is always a deep desire of us to allow this personal X. And the more we integrate the component X in our lives, the more authentic we are.

The secret of authenticity is thus to balance our 3 components and thereby discover our individual uniqueness and living.