Test: Am I authentic?

    1. Question
    Do I say what I think?

    2. Question
    Do I do what I say?

    3. Question
    Do I want what I do?

    Stefan Weiss

    Stefan Weiss

    Thinker & Entrepreneur

    What are your answers to these 3 questions? If a "no" or "well" this is, then you are welcome here on the website and poke around in the blog. After 15 years of high-tech cameras, I have devoted myself to a new equally exciting and complex topic: the AUTHENTICITY. It gives me great pleasure to provide advice and support to people and companies in this topic.

    we recognized our authentic USP with TAR® and now differs on several levels compared to the competitors

    Georg BeniEntrepreneur

    Since we discovered with TAR® that profit is not our main target, we do at once more profit



    What is TAR®?

    TAR® is a simple, interdisciplinary methodology with the goal of sustainably increasing step by step the authenticity in individuals, in groups and in companies in order to come to more creativity, clarity, awareness and ease – so in total more holistic Success.

    For who is TAR®?

    • TAR® for your = for individuals who want to develop personally
    • TAR® for two = for couples and groups who want to achieve more in their community want
    • TAR® for biz = for company and founder , want to anchor the authenticity in their vision & mission more clearly and implement it on the market as a long-term value …
    • And for those who would like to do what they want REALLY 🙂

    What do you offer?

    I offer coaching, consulting, lectures and seminars on AUTHENTICITY and the methodology TAR® for individuals, groups and companies. As a working manual always serves TAR® book which also ideally suited for self-study.

    What the difference of TAR® to other methods?

    Personally, I always found it a pity that go great experience and knowledge in seminars and courses in professional and private life often quickly lost because there was no single, integrated system, which could take up at a later time again. So a kind of companion over a longer period. Authenticity is indeed a long-term project which can be increased best when I everyday, daily new concern myself with it.

    And this is what TAR® is all about. You start more or less on the page 1 in your TAR® book, collect your findings and discoveries and define the steps for converting. You can stop at any time and later continue exactly the place where you left off. None of your made discovery and knowledge is lost, and all your implementation steps are there!

    Thus moving one step further until you can close your TAR® book someday with a satisfied smile 🙂

    Where to start with TAR®?

    Simply browse the blog and Facebook and see whether the issue of authenticity and the methodology of TAR® is responsive to you. You could then order TAR® book and start at home for yourselve . Or come for a lecture or an individual coaching. As a company, you can book a lecture or a seminar for your leaders and or employees.

    You first developed cameras and now TAR® - how come?

    Along the lines of TAR® “follow your authenticity ” I eventually realized that the Theme authenticity in connection with personal development and in the development of groups and companies so interested that I studied deeply so. What struck me, that personal and professional projects fail most because the “sand in the gears” is somehow the extra energy consumed. But as soon as authenticity comes into play, remove this sand and the projects are rounder and more successful. This is why for me the authenticity of an important, perhaps even the most important resource of the future.

    And so 25 years of experience in business creation and management combined with my deep interest in Japanese Zen, on the philosophy and psychology in general, and the curiosity of the latest neurological findings then the methodology TAR® emerged.

    What about your highspeed cameras?

    here is still the full range of our “high-speed cameras” and we continue to pursue with great interest the technological developments in sensor and camera area.

    About google translator...

    We use google translator for the englisch version of our website as english is not our native speaking languages. If there is anything unclear or not understandable or a just a simply mistake, please let us know. We appreciate any feedback from you and are happy to improve the english version of our website. THANK YOU!

    Blog about authenticity and TAR®

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