best high speed camera ?

For more than 8 years we are analyzing images of our own high speed cameras but also from other manufacturer. We where struggling with so many different testcharts out there that it was to difficult to really compare the images at a different time.

As a cameraman, I wanted something that shows everything what could be in front of my camera in reality. So we needed a chart, that shows everything from contrast range, sharpness, color reprocession with debayering, blue + green box keying, skin tones, highlights and reflections, tungsten light, daylight etc. in one single test chart. We wanted something to compare the image quality of different cameras but also to compare improved image processing and newer debayer algorithms.

The result is our STC Testchart, which is more a Test Box. STC stands for Subjective Test Chart and that says it all: It is totally subjectiv. We just measure what we see from a cameraman standpoint.

Nowadays, knowledge is and should be no secret anymore. That’s why we want to share our results with you. Please feel free to send us any comments. Everybody is welcome to do their own test and evaluation. Maybe you have some great setting and curves for your camera.