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Free your creativity with the compact and mobile digital highspeed system WEISSCAM HS-1.

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The WEISSCAM HS-1 camera body is designed as a combination of the classic form of a 2/3“ video camera and the clarity of a film camera body. P+S Technik’s interchangable mount is integrated to make available the maximum range of lenses designed for 35mm format – motion or still photography. You can choose any frame size to fully utilize the camera’s memory. Frame rates up to 1.000 fps are possible. The maximum resolution of the HS-1 model is 1280 x 1024 pixel.

With this first Handunit for a digital highspeed camera most important recording features of the camera can be remote controlled: start/stop, frame rate adjustment, frame rate ramp settings or frame rate jumps. The ergonomic design allows comfortable one hand use to start and stop recording. With the well fitted hand wheel the frame rate can be changed smoothly while recording.
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Frame Rates up to 1.150 fps at 720 x 576 pixel SD PAL (4:3)
up to 950 fps at 1280 x 720 pixel HD 720p (16:9)
up to 650 fps at 1280 x 1024 pixel MAX
Signal Output 8 bit tiff, avi, DPX, Create mpeg’s for proxys
Sensor 15 x 12mm progressive scan, CMOS Imager
Operating System Windows XP Professional
Sensitivity 160 ASA
Internal Memory 4 GB
Dynamik Range 24 bit color depth
Lens Mount PL-Mount
Power 12 V
Weight 3 kg

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How does the camera work?

At first, you choose the desired image format, the framerate and the shutterspeed you want. Then, you record a scene and preview this scene right away.
Now you can decide, whether you like the shot or not. If you don‘t like it, you just start the camera for new recording. If you like the shot, you download it from the camera. After downloading, the file is on the hard disk of the laptop and the camera is able to record again.

Can I do live ramping?

Yes. You can jump live during recording from any framerate to any other framerate you want. The chosen shutterspeed will be valid for both framerates and therefore, you will see no light difference after ramping.

How is it possible to use one camera for different image formats?

The camera has a 1280×1024 CMOS Imager with a so-called „free ROI“ (Region of interest). This makes it possible to read out any image format you want an safe costs for scaling in post.

How long can I record?

The camera has an internal memory of 4 GB. Recording time depends on the resolution and fps.
1. Example: Recording HD 1280 x 720 at 950 fps = 3,5 sec recording time
2. Example: Recording PAL 720 x 576 at 1.130 fps = 11,0 sec recording time

How will I get the files?

All files will be copied on external USB 2.0 hard disks. Very small files can be burned on a data DVD.

How can I control framing?

You can control framing on up to three high resolution monitors at the same time.

Can the system run on battery?

Yes, camera and laptop are based on 12 Volt and are able to run on battery.


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