weisscam HS-2

The WEISSCAM HS-2 is the newest, uncompressed digital highspeed camera for framerates up to 4.000 fps. It is developed as a standalone camera aiming especially the needs of cinematographers. Coming with an easy workflow, two Streams (RAW + HD) via HD-SDI, two formats (4:3 + 16:9) and cinema-style images, it is designed to offer you the freedom of shooting either in HD or RAW mode.

The WEISSCAM HS-2 has a full Format Super35 CMOS Sensor with a global shutter. By using the Interchangeable Mount System (IMS) from P+S Technik you can attach nearly every lens on the camera (PL Mount, Nikon F-Mount, Panavision Mount, etc.) and also change the mount within a few seconds.

An intelligent master/slave DC/DC power management saves the camera from any short circuit and makes it needless to turn off the camera for a battery change.

Many mounting possibilities allow you to connect additional accessories like onboard monitor, lens control system, etc. and power them by the several outputs of the DC/DC board.

The very fast boot up time allows you to be ready for shooting in less than 7 seconds.

Frame Rates1.500 fps in 2K
2.000 fps in 1080p
4.000 fps in 720p
Max. Speed72.275 fps in 100×100 Pixels
SignalRAW Signal: 12 bit uncompressed WEISSCAM RAW
HD Signal: 10 bit YCbCr 4:2:2
Signal Output1280 x 720p: 50p
1920 x 1080: 23,98psf, 24psf, 25psf, 29,97psf, 30psf
1920 x 1080 Dual Link: 50p, 59,94p, 60p
2K: 25p (1920 x 1080 preview)Signal Output formats vary between HD and RAW, as well as HD-SDI Single Link and Dual Link
SensorSingle CMOS (22,18 x 22,18 mm)
ShutterGlobal Shutter
Sensitivity600 ASA
Internal Memory32 GB
Dynamik Range8 – 10 T-stops, up to the selected curve
Lens MountInterchangeable Mount System (PL, Panavision, BNC-R, Professional, Nikon F, Canon EF, Canon FD, Leica-R, Leica-M)
Power24V DC, Fischer 2/pin
Weight6,8 kg

For productions which are pressed for time and consequently have to save time during the post-production or color correction, we recommend the HD workflow, because there is no need to debayer the data and the material will be copied quickly. The HD-signal (standardized SMPTE 292M) can be recorded via the HD-SDI interface of the HS-2 with any device, that is able to record an HD-SDI Signal. The HD-Workflow is only possible with the HD-Formats 720p and 1920 x 1080p.

For production which envision color correction or an extensive post-production, we recommend the RAW workflow, because the 12 Bit uncompressed RAW data offers a bigger freedom of color correction and post-editing. It is crucial to know, that the RAW Workflow takes much more time for data converting and processing than the HD Workflow. The image material has to be debayered and color-corrected. You can use a RAW Workflow, that is based on the DIGIMAG and an IT-based Workflow.

The WEISSCAM RAW Data can be edited and debayered via WeisscamWare or Iridas FrameCycler and Speedgrade.

How long can I record with my HS-2?

Recording time depends upon resolution, frame rate and internal memory.

The WEISSCAM HS-2 has 36 GB of internal RAM, which give you many options for recording. A few are shown below:

2016 x 155605:2802:4401:2200:3200:1600:0800:05
1920 x 108008:1704:0802:0400:4900:2400:1200:0800:06
1280 x 72018:3809:1904:3901:5100:5500:2700:1800:13
1024 x 57629:0714:3307:1602:5401:2700:4300:2900:21

The image in my monitor appears green.

This happens when the monitor is connected to the “RAW Out 1/2″ as the camera is displaying the RAW signal. Connect monitor to the “HD-SDI out 1/2″ for the standard high-quality view.

My lens will not connect to the camera mount.

This can occur if you attempt to use an incorrect IMS, or non IMS mount lens.
Check and ensure the correct IMS mount for your specific lens. An IMS mount must be used even with PL mount lenses, or you risk damaging the sensor.

What is the sensor size in pixels / millimeters?

The CMOS Sensor measures 22,18 x 22,18 mm, which is a 31,36 mm diagonal.

The pixel size (v x h) is 0.011 x 0,011 mm (square pixel).

What is the active sensor area (max. recordable area)?

2016 x 2016 pixels max. recording in IT mode. 2048 x 1536 pixel max. recording over HD-SDI. To achieve 2048 pixels, the HD-SDI format will be framed by vertical black bars on both the left and right sides.

What is the native color balance of the sensor?

6.500 K

Is it possible to get 4:4:4 through HD-SDI?

No, 4:2:2 is the only output available through HD-SDI.

Are there issues of flicker or rainbow effects in the viewfinder?

We have not received any complaints in use, or found any of these negative effects in our testing. However, you may find them appearing in playback if you shoot using non flicker-free lighting.

Can the camera do ramps and can they be compensated by shutter speed?

There is no official RAMP implementation. Consequently, it is not possible to change the frame rate during recording. We recommend ramping during postproduction.

Is the sensor protected against damage from bright lights or lasers?

No. Although the camera does have an infrared/low-pass filter in front of the sensor, it will not protect it from damage caused by direct bright lights or lasers. We advise that you never leave the camera without a body or lens cap, and that you shade the sensor changing lenses.

Is the camera able to run in post trigger mode? (e.g. continuously record in a loop to the memory)

Yes, the camera actually has 5 different trigger modes:

  • „Ringbuffer“ – This is the one you are asking for. (Continuously record in a loop to the internal memory)
  • „Sequence“ – The camera begins to record with pressing „REC“ – and stops automatically when RAM is full
  • „70/30 trigger“
  • „50/50 trigger“
  • „30/70 trigger“

3 – 5 are mixtures of sequence, ringbuffer and center trigger.

Are there any overheating issues?

We had no problems with overheating at sets. The camera uses an active cooling system. To get the best image quality the sensor should have a temperature of 50°C. The max. temperature inside the camera is about 60°C. If sensor or other electronic parts reach this temperature you will get a red-blinking information in the Handunit.

To avoid overheating on hot sets, shadow the camera from direct light and/or use a fan.

Have there been any issues on with condensation on the sensor/filter in humid conditions?

Not in our experiences. We did not have that much humid conditions to face problems with that.

Does the camera support Cooke ipins or Arri LDS?

The camera does not support this function.

How does a Global Shutter work?

Global Shutter means that the pixels are exposed at the same time. Therefore no distortions occur in case of quick movements (e.g. while panning).

Global Shutter means: no Rolling Shutter Effects!

Is HD Playback possible right after recording?

Yes, it is possible, due to the fact that the RAW Data stream will be debayered into a HD stream via FPGA technology which hasn’t any computing time.


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